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It is Mitchell Bank’s goal to form mutually rewarding partnerships with our employees, our communities, our customers, and area businesses. Every relationship should result in added value for all of the parties involved. There are several components required to fulfill this mission:


We believe the most important distinction amongst banks is the caliber of people they employ. Mitchell Bank strives to attract, develop, and retain the best bankers in the marketplace. We continually seek to be an employer of choice.

In addition, we seek to have a diverse range of experience and perspective. We have some employees that have been with Mitchell Bank for 5, 10, 20 years or more. We bring balance to the team by hiring people who have worked in other banks and other industries altogether.


Our team has been designed to provide the best possible service from our newest teller to the President himself. While other banks create a product and tell you why you need it, Mitchell Bank seeks to determine what our customers want, and then we tailor our offerings to fit those needs.

In addition to traditional customer services virtues, Mitchell Bank seeks to contribute to the health and well-being of the communities we serve.


In a world where a long-term relationship can be defined as six months, Mitchell has built a reputation on maintaining relationships with its partners through the years. While we obviously need to make prudent choices and maintain a profitable business model, we have repeatedly made decisions based on what was the “right thing to do.”

This philosophy has served us well for almost a century, and we will continue to adhere to it and refine it as we approach our next 100 years.

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